Aspen Discovery Training Materials

The Aspen Discovery logo, a simple leaf line drawing. the leaf is a gradient from blue to yellow on a charcoal grey background.
Basics of Aspen Discovery
Other Resources
Aspen Discovery Release Notes Highlights
The highlights focus on major enhancements, new settings and permissions, and big changes with product integrations. The full release notes for each month are linked with the relevant highlights. 

Aspen Discovery GitHub
Visit the GitHub page for Aspen Discovery to find the code, full release notes, and other community resources.
Aspen Migration Training Materials
Welcome!  This page provides you with links to the handouts available for your Aspen Discovery training.  We have also provided links to instructional videos or video collections where available.  Handouts may be located under multiple categories on this guide in order to increase discoverability of the knowledge you need. 

Handouts are in PDF format.  You will need a PDF viewer in order to open these documents.  You are welcome to print the handouts and share the link to this site with staff within your library or library system; however, these handouts should not be shared outside your organization or placed on any public website.

Links to the videos on this page are publicly available on Vimeo and may be shared with anyone. 
Catalog Enrichments
Aspen Discovery Administration Handouts
All handouts and exercises found on or linked to this page are the intellectual property of Equinox Open Library Initiative.  Copyright 2023.  All rights reserved.  The handouts and exercises linked here should not be shared with anyone outside the organization to which they were provided without the express written consent of Equinox Open Library Initiative.

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