Evergreen 3.7 New Feature Review

Evergreen 3.7 has a number of new features and enhancements that may be interesting to your users.  We have listed those below, with links to handouts that describe the each feature in more detail.  Handouts are in PDF format.  They can be downloaded and shared to Evergreen staff users as needed.  These would not be suitable to share with patrons since they assume an understanding of Evergreen configuration that would not be typical of patrons.
Block Login of Expired Staff Accounts
This handout covers a new, optional, functionality that prevents expired staff user accounts from logging into the Evergreen staff interface.
Single Sign On (Shibboleth) Public Catalog Integration
This handout covers a new feature that allows the Evergreen OPAC to be used as a Service Provider (SP) in a Single Sign On (SSO) infrastructure.  This allows an Evergreen administrator to connect the Evergreen OPAC to an identity provider. The goal of SSO is to permit a user to log in to multiple digital services with a single set of login credentials.  
Publisher Catalog Display Includes 264 Tag
This handout covers an enhancement to Evergreen that now displays publisher data in the staff catalog, whether it's displayed in the 260 or 264 MARC tags.  Previously, the publisher did not display if it was stored in the 264 tag.   
Hold Groups
This handout covers the new Holds Groups feature, which allows staff to add multiple users to a named hold group bucket and place a title-level hold on a bibliographic record for that entire set of users.
Scan Items as Missing Pieces Angular Port
This handout describes how the Scan Items as Missing Pieces interface now works in the Angular interface.  The functionality is the same as before, but the interface displays more details on the item in question before proceeding with the missing pieces process.
Opt-in Settings for Overdue and Predue Emails
This handout describes the setting for Receive Overdue and Courtesy Emails that, when enabled, allows users to control whether they receive notifications about overdue items by email.
Allow Circulation Renewal for Expired Patrons
This handout covers a new library setting that can be set to permit expired patrons to renew circulations.  This new functionality is optional and not enabled by default.
Consistent Ordering for Carousels
The display order of titles in a carousel is now stable and predictable, based on definitions by carousel type.  This handout describes this enhancement in Evergreen 3.7.  To get information about how to add carousels to your catalog, check out Adding Carousels to Your Public Catalog in Evergreen's official documentation.
Default Public Catalog to the Bootstrap Skin
As of Evergreen 3.7, the default skin for the public catalog is the Bootstrap OPAC, also known as the BOOPAC, rather than the legacy Template Toolkit (TPAC).  Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development.  Bootstrap changes the visual appearance of the OPAC with new graphics and styling.
"Did You Mean?" - Single word search suggestions
This handout covers a new feature to add native search suggestions to the search logic in Evergreen.  When searching the public or staff catalog in a single search class, such as title, author, or subject, with a single search term, users can be presented with alternative search terms if no results are found.
Sort Holdings by Geographical Proximity
This handout covers a new feature in Evergreen 3.7 that allows patrons to sort holdings within a bibliographic record by geographic distance. 
Library Groups
This handout covers the Library Groups search feature, which allows an Evergreen administrator to define a group of organizational units for searching outside of the standard organizational unit hierarchy.  This allows users to search multiple libraries at the same time that are not otherwise part of the same library system.
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